Narrative writing

It was late at night and the faint light from the street lights were just enough to brighten the narrow street. I was walking home from Central Park and l felt something run past me, I couldn’t see anything but a silhouette of a huge figure standing in an alley. I could faintly see the small coffee shop next to my house in the distance, I started to walk faster because I felt as though someone was watching me. 


I arrived at the small coffee shop and turned left to get to my house. I unlocked the door and didn’t bother locking it again. When I got inside I went straight to my room and flopped onto my bed. After a couple of minutes I heard the door creak open again.


I could hear glasses smashing and cupboards opening. I was panicking and trying to find my phone to call 911 but I realized that I left it in my bag down stairs in the kitchen. I was vulnerable and there was nothing I could do about it. I could hear the stranger making their way up stairs. I was terrified. I decided to run downstairs to get my bag.

 I opened my bedroom door a little bit and poked my head out. I didn’t see anyone so I sprinted down the stairs and got to the kitchen. I could see my bag hanging from one of the open cupboards so I lunged for it. When I grabbed my bag I saw a dark figure standing behind the cupboard but it’s not the one I saw earlier in the alley. 

She swung at me, but I avoided her punch. I tackled her to the ground and stabbed a piece of shattered glass into her neck. I quickly turned on the lights and saw who the stranger was, but to my horror it was my sister. She had told me she was going out a couple of nights before, she must have gotten drunk so she went to my house which was close to the city. This all hit me after I had stabbed her. She lay on the floor motionless. I didn’t mean to kill her.

Benya’s Birthday!

Tomorrow is my best friend Benya’s birthday. She is turning 11, today I am getting he a present after school. I am very nervous because I am the only friend going to her birthday. I am really exited because we are going to play a game Benya and her cousin made up called bull. Benya has a duckling called Webby that I cant wait to meet!

100 word challenge

When I woke up I decided to visit the D’amelio’s. When I arrived they were having dinner with James Charles and Noah Neck. The chef made a delicious dinner including snails and lots of other yummy food, but all Charli wanted was dino nuggets. Dixie decided to try one of the snails but hated them and threw it all up. Noah Neck was feeling brave so he ate a snail for himself and liked it so he ate another and another an hour later he felt really ill. Meanwhile Charli and James were having an argument about Charli’s 95 million followers.

tech week review!

Last week was tech week, I was only at school for 2 days that week because I was sick and I had the O.I.S half day open day. On Monday I went to school and wrote a narrative story we did a math post test and played ukulele. The next two days I was sick at home. On Thursday we did a science experiment that did not work. On Friday I went to the O.I.S open day, I made some pizza bread in food and after that I made a badge in art.

Wainui Coaststering

              Wainui Coaststeering 


As I walked down the steep muddy track to get down to the beach, my tight wetsuit made me walk like a penguin. When we got down to the coastline we started to walk across the millions of rough barnacles. The barnacles which covered the smooth rocks made my shoes grip to them. 

We stopped at a wide rock pool where our instructor, Jamie, made us put our arms across our chest so we can be pushed backward into the cold water. When I fell into the water my PFD lifted me up immediately,and I felt the cold water rush into my wet suit. 

When we moved on we made it to an edge of a small cliff which we had to maneuver across the edge like centipedes. Jamie told us we had to take one big step off the edge into the seaweed filled water. When I jumped, I swallowed some cold salty water before I was lifted to the surface. 

We started swimming, I felt my shoes starting to slip off whenever I kicked. We swam to a small island where we saw some big green lipped mussels. When we swam back to the coastline Jamie said we had two options, he said you can jump off a smaller rock or the big rock. I chose the big rock so I climbed up the rough rocks to the top. When I got to the top it was a lot higher than I expected.

I stood under the afternoon sun waiting to be called up. When I was called up I looked down and back up, I took a deep breath and yelled “YOLO” and jumped. I felt my stomach turn and the butterflies go crazy inside of me. At last I plunged into the icy water. I got out of the water and felt my hands shake off adrenalyn, I sat in a rock pool that had been warmed by the sun.

Term 3 review!

I really enjoyed this term but my favorite part of this term was probably when the year 7 and 8 went to tech so the year 6 were left at school. When they were gone we did some baking, my friend and I made some muffins. Some other things we did this term is learn about electricity and the digestive system, I really enjoyed writing about the digestive system, geothermal electricity and electrical currents.

Who’s my hero!!

My heroes are my older sisters. I have two sisters one is called River and one is called Tamsine. My sisters are always there for me and are great at giving advice. River is my hero because she is the only one that gets my scene of humor and we share heaps of inside jokes! Tamsine is my hero because she is the oldest and the sibling that has a personality that is most like mine.

100 word challenge!!

One day my best friend Ash and I made a discovery that changed our lives forever. It was a hot summer day and we were sitting at the edge of the lake at Ash’s house. Suddenly I thought it would be a good idea to push Ash into the lake. I saw her sink through the dark water for 1 minute straight, I got concerned because it looked like something was pulling her under. I dove in after her. I tried to pull her to the surface, but she was looking at a strange looking door. Gradually, things started to move…  

What i’m exited for 😁

In a few weeks its my sisters 18th birthday. I am very exited for it because we are going out for dinner. I am also exited to give her my present i got her. It was my birthday a few days ago and for my birthday I got my ears pierced and went out for lunch. Another thing i’m exited for is the spring holidays, they are only a few weeks away.

Week 5 review!

Last week was week 5, that week the year 7 and 8 went to tech at OIS leaving us the year 6’s behind. While the year 7 and 8’s were gone we did a lot of fun activities including: Baking and cooking, helping classes with electrical current kits and lots more. My favourite part of last week was baking carrot cake muffins with my best friend. On Thursday we made nachos, they were very yum but cutting the onions was hard because we were all crying!