My favourite book!!

My favourite book would have to be The Little House on the Prairie because it was the perfect mix of drama, action, and fiction. I really struggle finding books that I will enjoy and read, then one day I found The Little House on the Prairie and I loved it!!

100 word challenge!

It was a cold winter, the night that it happened, that night it was a long cold night. It snowed all week. We had to evacuate from our small town. We packed all our stuff into backpacks and duffel bags. Before we knew it we where on the icy road. We took no notice of the sign saying road closed. We carried on driving and felt the car swerve and sway we were losing control of the car tyres and went flying into the freezing stream, the car immediately started filling with icy water. Only minutes later the police arrived.


The last time I showed perseverance was when I learnt how to dive under waves. At first I was trying to go over them even though they were huge. After a while my sister River told me it is way more easy just to dive under them. I was scared at first but after a few waves I was confident to to dive under the big dunking waves. A few minutes passed and I was getting dunked with my sister and wasn’t scared at all!!

By Manawa(:

100 Word challenge!!

Today we had to clean the attic. In the corner of the dusty attic was an old cardboard box that has been squashed by the vast box above it. it was decorated with glitter and paper. It was filled with childhood things like: my old pink giraffe teddy that I had when I was a baby, There was an old birthday card that sang a painful song when you opened it and there was an old box full with old photos. I remembered that we did this at school 5 years ago and its been up here all this time.

My Favourite Childhood Memory

When I was little we moved a lot, but my favourite childhood memory would have to be when we lived in Australia because we lived really close to heaps of places like: the park, the School, and a lot more! I remember always going to this little shop every day after school to get turkish bread, the guy who worked there always made it just before we picked it up so it was fresh. I still remember taking our neighbor’s dog for walks around the park and when we got back she would always give us a chocolate bar and a few animal cards each.

By Manawa McGhie

Where im from

Where im from

I am from thick bush and dunping waves,

Hot sand and scorching days,

I am from fresh food out of the garden,

“Come on girls lets get starten.”

I am from family everywhere,

And gardens beyond compair,

I am from small road trips in the car,

I can see Stewert Island from afar,

By Manawa McGhie