100 word challenge

When I woke up I decided to visit the D’amelio’s. When I arrived they were having dinner with James Charles and Noah Neck. The chef made a delicious dinner including snails and lots of other yummy food, but all Charli wanted was dino nuggets. Dixie decided to try one of the snails but hated them and threw it all up. Noah Neck was feeling brave so he ate a snail for himself and liked it so he ate another and another an hour later he felt really ill. Meanwhile Charli and James were having an argument about Charliā€™s 95 million followers.

One thought on “100 word challenge”

  1. Hello Manawa,

    I could really imagine feeling ill after eating a fancy dinner of snails. I think I’d also prefer dino nuggets.

    However, I do know that snails are a speciality in France, so maybe the chef was French?

    I’m also curious about Charli’s 95 million followers…. What do they follow him for?

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